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I have had my zt in storage for a little while and I have it back on the road again now , unfortunately now I have started using it again I have found it has a good list of jobs that will need doing soon which I can do myself but I'm in a dilemma the parts cost is really starting to out grow my love of the car ,
cam belt kit tensioner and water pump, aux belt is due on age I replaced it 20k ago about 8yrs ago, £240
clutch and flywheel kit ic slave (dmf is starting to rattle a little ) £750
inlet manifold ( rattling I replaced it about 30k ago ) new £1100 or pull the guts out but I tried it last time and didn't like the way it drove .
being red , lacquer peel is starting to set in !!
realistically I'm going to need to spend about £2500 these car are getting expensive to maintain !!!!!
I look after a few mg's for customers and I have def noticed a price increase on parts in the last few years.

does anyone know of someone with a nearly new manifold at a sensible price ?

and a solid flywheel or know of somewhere to get one ? as if I'm going to spend money on it I want rid of the dmf ( I know the risks )

I really don't want to get rid of the car I haven't driven anything else that drives as nice and I have always owned mg /rovers , but unless I can find sensible prices and get it down to nearer £1k max spend I think I'm going to be waving bye to them for good , so what's your opinion ?
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