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I ought to call this Post: The Lifes and Loves of a She Devil.

Just over a week ago. I order some car soap from Halfords on a Click and Collect basis. As pernormal. I would be informed of the reddyness to collect by Text. Now. I've already mentioned that I don't have a mobile phone, so I use the phone in the Jag. Moving on....

Once every so often. I'd pop outside to see if I had the Text. Nothing. Today. I went out to get things done. At one place, I had to wait in the Jag, so I checked the Texts. There it was. It was actually sent days ago! When I got home. I grabbed a pen and paper, so I could write down the Collection Number. Then I went back out to the Jag.

No Text! Even worse. No connection! (Lapse dissolve because of some cursing!). For some unknown reason, I opened the top of the armrest where the handset resides (I was using the touchscreeen beforehand). On the screen was "Check Card". I pulled out the SIM and pushed it back in again. The handset found the SIM and connected to the network. I went back to the touchscreen. Still no Texts. I could make phone calls, but that's it.

Once again, I pulled out the SIM. This time, I gave it a lick (Old trick. It works for a lot of stuff) and pushed it back in again. Bingo! This time. I read the Text on the handset, instead of the touchscreen. I wrote down the Order Number and replaced the handset in the armrest. When I went to rest the touchscreen to the Menu option. There was the Text. Typical!

I have to mention that Jags like this do tend to 'act up' when the battery is getting low. Time for a charge I think.

Oh. I did get the soap and the Jag has been washed!
781 - 781 of 781 Posts