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'06 MG ZR +120 (HQM) '04 MG ZR 105 (IAB)
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Your isue sounds more like a wiring fault - loose or corroded connector or damaged wiring causing a short. The lack of a 'gear change light' could be the bulb, or a broken or disconnected wire. None of the issues that you describe sound like Pektron SCU problems.

My horn works direct from battery. Have 12V but only 0.5A at the horn connector and I can here the relay make. Will this be the BCU relay at fault?
If you have a late 2003 on TF (with the Pektron SCU) , then that is probably the most likely reason.

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Hi I have an 85th recently bought and I'm working through my snagging list.
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I assume you have a TF as I don't know any other 85th editions.

TBH I didn't know they had a gear change light.

The needles aren't meant to go all the way around.

The Japanese export version has a seatbelt light but, apart from the hole for the light, there is no wiring in the UK version.


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2004 Streetwise:

Status is:

No windows work (Earlier it was just the driver door, now all, and the latter:)
(Someone here sent 12V the wrong way trying to run the new hoist motor directly.)
Fuse 25 was blown, I changed it and it does not blow.
Fuse 1 is ok, horn works.
Not cranking; Start relay in underhood fuse box gets +12V when key is turned to
start pos. but it gets no ground.
Starts and runs some secs when I pops the relay cover and pushes the relay contact.
No central locking, not with key in drivers door, or fob~s.
No alarm, no LEDs showing the security or start inhibitor is on or off
No sounds when attacing battery, or using fob~s and no flashing of lights.
Three sets of beeps (from stereo?) when the ignition switch is held for
some time in the start position, and when the key is removed from the ignition switch.
I have measured the coils in the relays in the SCU, and two relays has one of their two
coils open.
The relays are for the driver side window, and the intermittent wipe/superlocking.
The inttermitent wipers do not work.
I have 2 FOB's which worked until this happened.
NO code for unlocking.
All fuses in all boxes ok.

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My 2004 ZR key fob stopped working during a storm on Saturday. Radio, windows etc work but central locking and immobiliser don’t work. Can’t start car.

I moved the ac compressor slightly (pipes still attached) but still couldn’t see the SCU ???

update removed the SCU it’s dry and no signs of any water . wire harness also dry.
many ideas?
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