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Hi All

Just wanted to register here and say hello!

I find myself as a new MG owner - a 2002 TF. The car was owned by my father since 2008 and only has 27k miles on it. He was finding he wasn't using it much so I bought it from him rather than seeing it leave the family. It's been brilliantly looked after and nearly immaculate. It's a Sprint VVC model with a few mods/upgrades

  • Powder coated subframes
  • Fully poly bushed
  • New clutch, head gasket, waterpump, timing kit
  • Stainless coolant pipes
  • Steel brake hoses
  • Daytona quad outlet exhaust
  • Low coolant alarm
  • Comfort handling kit
  • Bluetooth head unit and upgraded speakers
  • Bespoke leather interior - seats/gaiters/door trims in custom blue/grey leather
Clearly a bit of pressure on me to keep it nice, so will probably be here a fair bit looking for advice!
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