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I just thought id drop a line on the Forum to say goodbye, as i sold my TF160 this evening.
The corona virus and lockdown, shielding for my wife proved i dont need so many cars, so 2 have gone this month but the MGTF is the one Ill miss the most, for its quirkiness .
Ive been a member of the Forum for more years that the dashboard sugests- as my son had a Trophy back in 2009/10 and I did the spannering for him- with his assistance, at times..

Good luck to all you participants, you owners, you enthusiasts who keep the Badge going- Im sure ive got loads of spares in the garage still and Ill be finding them for years to come, but there is a space on the road now outside out house. No need to fill it, we have proved we can get by without one- but for now, Adious.

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Sad to see you go, I hope you have something else fun to drive. Atb 馃槩
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