is now part of the AutoGuide family.

26th July 2012
From now is part of the AutoGuide family of forums. I will still be very much part of the admin team on the forum, but as of today, I’m no longer the owner. Some of you no doubt will be interested why – it’s pretty simple really, they made me an offer that after a lot of soul searching and discussion with the family, I decided I couldn’t turn down. There’s no other reason and if the offer had not of been right, I wouldn’t have sold.
You’re probably wondering who they are, they’re a Canadian based company and they operate a number of automotive websites across many marques and have the experience and expertise that I know will safeguard the future of for years to come. 
So in effect, nothing will change, the admin & mod teams that you know will still be here, the only difference will be that we have new owners.
Cayne will be the guy from AutoGuide will may pop in from time to time, but really I expect their input to be minimal. We’re obviously doing something right to be still popular 7 years after the collapse of MG Rover and still one of the busiest automotive forums in the UK, they’re obviously not going to do anything that would jeopardise that.
If you have any questions (no I can’t say how much it was sold for before you ask), we’ll be glad to answer in the forum, click click the 'Discuss' link below.
Lastly, thank you, the member for your support. Quite literally, this community is nothing without the members and we’ve always remembered that over the past 11 years and we will continue to do so. Thank you to the supporters and traders for your support and I hope you continue to support us in the future.
MG will eventually get their act together in the UK, new metal will appear and we intend to continue to be the #1 site for MG owners going forward. I have full confidence that MG will be a brand to be reckoned with in the medium term once they’ve built up a family of models and I can’t wait to see what the talented team of engineers and designers at Longbridge produce over the next 9 years, at the end of which the forums will be celebrating its 20th birthday.
Of course we’re still be here for Rover owners as well, but we have to acknowledge that really, Rover is a dormant brand now. Should Tata decide to resurrect It, then of course we’ll cover it as well. 
Thanks again for your membership & support.
Article Last Updated 26th July 2012